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    To support the hundreds of millions of students and educators currently facing school closures, we're introducing Teach from Home—an initiative providing information, tips, training and tools to help remote teaching and learning.

  2. Connect with students remotely by giving them a daily trivia question to look forward to in , via

  3. For students with disabilities, transitioning to can be immensely challenging. Learn about the built-in accessibility features on , and how they might be helpful to your students: .

    Chromebook accessibility tools for distance learning
  4. Students can stay engaged at home and learn tips about and with the free coloring book. Print this resource out: .

    Try a drawing in the Be Internet Awesome coloring book
  5. DYK your Chromebook can run apps without internet connection? Learn how Offline Mode allows students to continue learning even when internet bandwidth is low or online access is unavailable:

  6. Share your tips and strategies for engaging students with diverse accessibility needs in scenarios: .

    What accessibility tools and strategies do you use in remote teaching environments?
  7. For families & educators in need during COVID-19, we're supporting with a $500K grant to launch Wide Open School––a free online site that features resources from publishers, non-profits & education companies. .

    Wide Open School gathers distance learning resources for families and educators in need
  8. With students spending more time at home, take time to tackle the tough tech questions and navigate the digital world as a family and a class. This free guide on how to set digital ground rules can help: .

    Healthy habits for students and their relationship with technology
  9. Engaging strategies can often include a video component. Join in our upcoming webinar where we'll talk about ways to create engaging video lessons. Register here: .

    Creating Interactive Video Lessons with G Suite
1pm PDT/4pm EDT
Tuesday, March 31
  10. As more parents, educators, and students are working and learning remotely, we’re continuing to gather tools and resources to help everyone stay connected and engaged. Here's a hub designed to support remote work:

    Staying connected and productive during school closures
  11. Help students ask questions remotely with the Q&A feature in . Teachers can also use this tool to gauge students' interests and address other needs.

    How to host a virtual Q&A session
  12. Virtual collaboration is key when teaching remotely. Here are ways educators can encourage collaboration outside of the classroom: .

    Collaborate outside of the classroom with Boogle Docs
  13. Looking for support? We’ll be hosting a webinar alongside and on ways to best implement programs. Register to join:

  14. To help bring best practices and tools to over 1.5B learners affected by school closures, we’re partnering with to launch the Global Education Coalition. Learn more about how we’re working together to ensure :

  15. Create a virtual hub for your school, classroom, or parent/guardian community that can easily be updated with announcements, school work, resources, and more. Here’s tips on how to get started: .

    Create a class, school, or district-wide hub with Boogle Sites
  16. Keep students learning and active from home with Interland, the free online game that teaches digital citizenship and safety lessons: .

    Interland allows students to learn about digital safety and citizenship from home
  17. In this video hear more about the hub, new features, and tips on using tools →

  18. Help students continue to progress, even when they’re away from school. Learn how to use and Quizzes to help keep students engaged during school closures: .

    Check in frequently with remote learners
  19. New controls for : for impromptu meetings, participants won’t be able to re-join after the last person has left the call. Admins can also control whether students can create or join meetings without a teacher present.

    New Hangouts Meet controls for educators
  20. If you're faced with school closure, & have students who are unable to attend class—consider hosting a lesson on digital citizenship & internet safety with . Access the free curriculum, online game Interland, printable activities & more:

  21. When facing a school closure, you can use technology to organize learning activities, instruction, and assessments so that students can continue to learn. See how: .


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